Tobacco Infestation Training Videos

Working with CORESTA and leading international tobacco companies Green Field Television produced a set of infestation training videos for tobacco manufacturers, farmers and processors. All 5 videos are available on a single DVD or web streaming video for £190

The 5 video training programmes show the correct methods for controlling infestation of tobacco leaf and products by cigarette beetles ( lasioderma serricorne ).  The programmes were made for CORESTA and in collaboration with major international tobacco manufacturers and Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco.

The single CORESTA infestation training DVD contians all 5 sections:

Part 1:     Introduction   “A Force to Be Reckoned With” – gives the viewer an overview of infestation control. 22 mins

Part 2a:   Fumigation   “Handle with Care” – Introduction on general fumigation methods for use in tobacco factories and storage facilities. Updated with new Fumigation guidelines. 27 mins

Part 3      Sanitation   “First Line of Defence.” – the foundations of a highly effective sanitation programme for factories and storage facilities to combat the threat of infestation. 23 mins

Part 4:     Infestation for Leaf Processors. “A Battle Worth Winning” – Instruction & guidance specifically for leaf processors and tobacco handlers. 16mins

Part 5:     Infestation for Farmers  “A Battle Worth Winning”–  Instruction & guidance specifically for Farmers.  8 mins

All 5 videos are available on one DVD or as Streaming Web Videos.

DVD: £190 including world-wide delivery

Cigarette beetle Infestation training DVD

English Voice       DVD   (PAL Format  – for much of Europe, UK  and many parts of World)
English Voice       DVD   (NTSC Format – for USA, Japan, and some parts of the World) 
Mandarin voice    DVD
Spanish  voice     DVD  
French voice        DVD    Sections 1, 2 & 3 only 
Russian voice      DVD   Sections 1 & 3 only DVD available special order

20% discount can be arranged with quantities above 10 DVDs. 

The cost for an individual DVD, includes printing and packing and free overseas delivery. All DVDs, are Region Free and will play on a PC or Mac – however if played on a DVD set-top player and TV you will need to choose the correct version for your location (PAL or NTSC).  Please specify which version you want – the language AND the location it will be used in (for PAL or NTSC).

Online streamed web video: £190

English Voice       Streamed Web Videos x 5 – single site licence   (view videos here)
French voice        Streamed Web Videos x 3 – single site licence
Spanish voice      Streamed Web Videos x 5 –  single site licence  (view videos here)
Mandarin voice    Streamed Web Videos x 5 – single site licence   (view videos here)
Russian voice      Streamed Web Videos x 2 –  single site licence

20% discount if 2 different languages ordered

If you are an educational company and intend to use the videos for multiple audiences or if you are a manufacturer/processor and intend to show the videos at different locations then a multi-site licence for DVD or streaming is required. This allows you to show or stream at upto 10 company locations. The cost for a multiuser licence is £300

If you are an educational company and intend to use the videos for multiple audiences or if you are a The cost of the Streamed Web Video includes a single licence to view all the videos in the chosen language on the web. You will be sent a password to allow you to view the videos on the webpage. This password is for your use only and can not be transferred to a third party.


To place an order please send us an email with details of your order.   We will then email you a full invoice with our bank details – we require payment in advance by electronic payment before delivery.   Alternatively you can send payment via PayPal.  Once payment is confirmed we will send the DVDs to you immediately from the UK. For telephone enquiries please call +44(0)7977 119935