Location Filming

Experience counts; the award winning video production team have over 1000 programmes to their name, and a breadth of experience covering most aspects of industry and commerce. The chances are that they have been there before, whether it’s a video about robotic car production in Sweden, or emergency tracheotomy, a live conference shoot and web-stream, or a pop concert in Holland, tobacco growing in Brazil, supply chain systems (in Mandarin!), mortgage compliance training, TV commercials, live streaming...  the list goes on.

“High production values at low production cost” is their approach, applying quality, creative filmic techniques to get the message across to the audience. With the majority of facilities in-house Green Field can apply high-end techniques using the latest large sensor HD and Ultra HD cinema camera kit. This allows productions that are more cost effective than the London boys.  They'll aim to give the client the biggest bang for the buck - using filmic camera motion, stabilised rigs, track and dolly and creative lighting.   A critical eye to the shooting script or storyboard will ensure the message is the priority.