Cost of Video Production

Many ask what does a video cost to produce?  That will often elicit a response of “How long is a piece of string and what colour would you like it?”       So it is a good to have an idea of what you would like to achieve with a video. If you can answer a few basic questions it will assist us to give you a meaningful estimate of cost.

Audience:  who is to see the video? Internal employees?, potential customers? the general public?

Markets:  Is it for UK, Europe or WorldWide use?

Distribution:  where will it be shown?;  On the web?,  for use on a company intranet?, on a large screen presentation at a conference?, live web-stream? or on DVD for sale?

Creative approach:  Have you seen an example of the style of video you like so we can gauge your expectations?

Content:   Do you already have a document or script that would indicate the scope of the video?

Budget:   Have you allocated a budget for the project to which we can work to and “cut our cloth accordingly”?

Answers to these will enable us to select the appropriate production equipment, music, choice of on-screen talent, and ultimately suggest a solution that maximises your budget.   We will take into consideration the required number of days of location filming, the size of crew, equipment specified, the need for on-screen talent like presenters and scriptwriting.   Post production is usually priced on the number of days in our edit suite and additional extras such as the scope for graphics, music copyright fees and stock footage.

As a broad guide we can list our ratecard for the elements:

Location filming cost:    £500pd to £800pd depending on crew and equipment specified

Studio filming cost:        £300pd to £1000pd  depending on crew and equipment specified

Presenter or actor:         £200pd to £20,000pd depending on talent chosen and final use of the video

Aerial filming cost:          £350pd to £800pd depending on time in the air

Editing cost:                     £200pd to £500pd

Video for the Web:          Dependent on website or video platform: YouTube, Vimeo, bespoke.

Live Web Stream:         £300pd to £500pd

Foreign translation:      £100-£180 per 1000 words of script depending on language

Foreign voiceover:         £300 per hour

Music is licenced and priced in one of 3 ways:

Library Music for video – priced at MCPS standard rates

Specially composed soundtrack – one off buyout cost

Copyright free library music – free to clients of Green Field TV

These ranges are merely a guide. We can quote for your specific needs if you’d like to outline your project to us on the phone or by completing the online Quote Form.

If you prefer, just give us a call, 07977 119935  We’d be happy to discuss the brief and come up with a guide price for you.